Dr Liza Rady

Dr Liza Rady is a graduate of Adelaide University and a highly experienced cosmetic injectables doctor with over 20 years of expertise.  As a registered medical practitioner and co-owner of a thriving  clinic in Sydney, she is dedicated to enhancing her clients natural beauty and helping them look and feel their best. 

Most causes of TMJ pain or TMD are related to overuse of the joint. For instance, if you grind or clench your teeth often (bruxism), it can strain the tissues around your TMJ. Excessive muscle tension can also radiate into the face, scalp, and neck causing headaches and pain. People who have stressful lifestyles or suffer from anxiety tend to clench their teeth more frequently, causing TMJ symptoms to develop.  One of the best non-surgical treatments for TMJ discomfort is using a dermal filler like Botox. As a natural muscle relaxant, botulinum toxin can ease muscle tension for several months at a time. No prescription muscle relaxers are necessary! You can combine your Botox treatment with other non-surgical therapies such as bite splints or night guards to lessen muscle tension while you sleep.

Dr Liza now divides her time between Adelaide and Sydney, providing personalized care to her clients in both cities.  

Beyond her professional achievements, she is a mother to 13-year-old triplet boys, balancing her career with her family life seamlessly.  Dr Liza’s passion for her work and commitment to her clients make her a trusted and sought-after practitioner in the field of cosmetic injectables.

For appointments with Dr Rady please call us on 83632025 or book on line via her website  Natural 365 – https://www.natural365.com.au