Sunday Mail City to Bay


Not long to go until race day! The Irwin & McCabe city to bay team has been in training for the last couple of months (some considerably more than others) and we are looking forward to Sunday morning.

Even though the weather looks very ominous, we are hoping that the rain will hold off until after we are all collapsed at the finish line! We have 8 staff members participating this year with a mix between 12km runners, walkers and 6 km runners so it will be good to all meet at the end and enjoy a well earned coffee and breakfast.

The competitive nature of everyone tends to come out at this point and we have had great fun trying to mentally psych out Dr Irwin (who beats us all every year!) with either greatly exaggerating how much training we have been doing or keeping our training rituals a secret.

Its all in good fun though and its always a great day regardless of the results, half the fun is watching everyone else running and seeing the costumes and the huge number of people that are willing to give up their Sunday sleep in and help to raise much needed funds and awareness for muscular dystrophy.

We will keep you posted on the outcome of the race!