World Sleep Day!

work-yawn-tired-400x400March 14 is World sleep day!

World sleep day is a good opportunity to reflect on your sleep. It is a very important part of our lives and it can make us sick if we cannot get enough quality or quantity into our sleeping routine.

Do you snore or feel sleepy most of the day? Maybe you are just tired and need to reestablish a good sleeping pattern or you could have a sleep disorder that needs treatment. Try the Epworth sleepiness scale test in order to get a better understanding on how sleepy you feel — it’s just a few simple questions that you can complete online or in our waiting room and discuss it with your dentist. Depending on the result we can work with your physician and other specialists to get the rest back into your sleep, so you can feel more refreshed  and energised during the day.

You are getting good sleep? Fantastic! You’ re doing your body and mind a big favour and they are rewarding you for it.

Happy world sleep day! ZzZz